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is for the woman who is coming into her own



Fashioned Brand represents the emerging  woman.



Our clothing brand was established in June 2020 with one purpose in mind which was to inspire women to be embrace every stage of who they are becoming. Fashioned Brand was created by T.C Phillips own journey of learning how  to identify with herself at different stages of her growth. Her sense of fashion and style has always been a way she has been  able to express parts of who she is.  So she is using her own story and passion to help others see the beauty in how God formed them.  FB not only wants to create a brand that is different, creative, and distinct but one that also emboldens women to love their uniqueness, embrace their individuality, and encourages you to be the best version of you.


We are committed to growing a brand that will give women the strength to walk in their truth fearlessly and confidently.


We hope our faith + fashion will bring out the best of you!!

We intend to be a voice for those who struggle with expressing who they are.


We will use our brand to awaken the queen inside of you by helping you identify with who you've been "fashioned" to be.

Fashioned isn't just a brand it is a mission.

In the words of Beyonce...

"Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation"




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Customer Brags


I love the hoodies.  It's the best hoodie I've owned by far and it feels  so good. The velour inside is very comfortable. The quality of the product is second to none. 

Tony, Business Owner


Absolutely love the jumpsuit. The color is so bold and vibrant. It makes your skin feel  like milk. You can dress it up or down. Love the versatility, it's a must buy.

Mina, Personal Trainer

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